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Politecnico di Milano MSc in Nuclear Engineering
Politecnico di Milano

MSc in Nuclear Engineering

Milan, Италия

2 Years


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Sep 2024

EUR 3 898 / per year *

Смешанный, В кампусе

* tuition fees for Non-EEA students correspond automatically to the full contribution of 3898,20€; tuition fees for EEA students range from about 895,20 € to 3898,20 € per year


Mission and goals

The aim of the MSc program in Nuclear Engineering is to prepare engineers with the necessary skills to design, build and operate power generation plants, radioactive waste treatment plants, systems using radiation for industrial and medical applications, etc.

The educational program, therefore, gives emphasis to topics referring to energy applications, i.e. fission and fusion plants, nuclear fuel, materials, and safety. Topics applied also in non-energy applications are accounted for, as in medical and industrial applications of radiation, material physics, plasma physics, and nanotechnologies with a strong link to the nuclear field.



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