The Master’s Program of Orientalistics is offered at the Department of Asian Studies of the Faculty of Humanities (University of Latvia). First students were matriculated in the year 1997 and until now the University of Latvia is the only university in the country that confers an academic degree in Oriental Studies. The framework of the Program includes not only to language studies, but also other sub-disciplines: classical Orientalistics (studies in history, literature, religion etc.) as well as modern Asia (studies in popular culture, current social issues etc). This Master degree program combines language and culture studies, which are related to the student’s chosen language. The program includes two specializations: Literature and Culture and History and Society. The language acquirement is provided by professors from Latvia and foreign professors, whose native language is Japanese, Chinese, Arabic or Turkish.

Program courses

Students may choose one of three study modules: Japanese language module, Sinology module, and Near East module.
For more information see Master’s degree study program's "Orientalistics” curricula.

Program module

Continuing the academic study guidelines for the Bachelor Program of Asian Studies, there are 3 modules, orientated on three regions: China, Japan, and Near East. Accordingly, studies and the research are based on the fundament of the languages of these regions: Chinese, Japanese and Arabic. Furthermore, Part B also offers a choice of 2 specializations: Culture and Literature; History and Society. Courses are offered together with the academic staff of other departments of the Faculty of Humanities, as well as the Faculty of Economics and Management (University of Latvia).

The Program is implemented in cooperation with the prospective employer - Ministry of Foreign Affairs and embassies of corresponding countries.

Study period and classes time

The full – time degree program covers two academic years, where lectures and seminars have to be completed in 3 semesters, but the 4th semester is determined for writing the MA thesis. Classes are in the evenings of working days from 2.30pm or 4.30pm.

Career opportunities

The Program prepares high-level specialists with a deep general knowledge on Asian civilization and interdisciplinary issues, who possess skills both in academic research methodologies and field research, as well as competences in regional specifics, comprising language, history, socio-political issues, diplomatic relations, anthropology, religion, and others. The graduates have knowledge and experience to work in cultural, educational and business fields, foreign affairs offices, and in universities in Latvia and abroad. After the completion of the required courses and after the successful disputation on the MA theses students can obtain the MA Degree in Philology.

Admission requirements

  1. Bachelor’s degree or a diploma proving an equivalent level of education from an institution of higher education in Humanities.
  2. Japanese, Chinese, Arabic or Turkish language proficiency, which must be proved by a certificate on the achieved intermediate level (duration of studies - 2 to 3) of language knowledge or language tests.
  3. English language proficiency.

Enrollment criteria (for students competing for the state-financed study place)

  1. The grade obtained in final Bachelor’s exam or the average grade obtained in final exams (40%);
  2. The grade point average for undergraduate studies (60%).
    Please note! Only EU/EEA/Swiss citizens and EU long-term resident status holders can compete for a state-financed study place.

    Autumn Intake (application start: 1 Jan 2018; studies start in Sept 2018)
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