The world of public communication is changing rapidly through digitalisation, 'big data' analysis, new platforms and channels, and shifting attitudes and concerns. These are leading to changing practices and challenges, and new ethical concerns. The UTS Master of Strategic Communication is based on the latest research and is taught by a combination of senior academic researchers and leading industry professionals.

Graduates of this course obtain: an advanced understanding of human communication informed by social psychology, sociology, semiotics, cultural studies and other disciplines the capability to synthesise communication theory and practice the capability to develop communication strategy informed by research and analysis a sensitivity to ethical and legal issues related to media and communication a sensitivity to inclusiveness, equity and social justice the capacity to develop communication strategies that reflect intercultural and global perspectives, and practical skills to apply strategic communication to address challenges and problems.

Graduates of this course are equipped to work in senior roles in corporate, government, political, organisational or marketing communication, advertising, public relations or integrated communication, including positions related to marketing and promotion, stakeholder engagement, employee communication, community relations, media relations, and public affairs.

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Последнее обновление: March 31, 2019
Форма обучения: Campus based
Дата начала
Янв. 2020
1.5 Года
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15,525 AUD
in AUD per 24cp session
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Дата начала
Янв. 2020
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Янв. 2020