Developed by leading pharmacy academics and our expert educational designer, the course's subject matter is delivered in an integrated, student-focused manner, making use of cutting-edge technologies and strong links with the pharmacy profession. Expert guest lecturers and practitioner teachers are utilised throughout the course to ensure relevance and real-world application of content. In addition to the one-year international placement, students undertake clinical practice in a wide variety of settings sourced by UTS throughout the degree. This includes a guaranteed hospital pharmacy placement for eligible students. On-campus learning takes place in the Graduate School of Health's state-of-the-art education and research facility, which opened in 2015.

The course aims to prepare graduates to be registered pharmacists who can succeed in a global context and work in expanded roles within changing medical, social, political and regulatory contexts. This is achieved by going beyond traditional educational models so students engage in self-directed and problem-based learning to develop leadership skills, gain experience with emerging technologies, develop independent thinking and cultural awareness, facilitate practice-based experience in pharmacy in another country and build a network of internationally recognised researchers, teachers and pharmacists.

Career options include: community pharmacy; professional pharmacy services; hospital pharmacy; drug research, design and development; professional roles in pharmaceutical industry; primary health care; consultancy; education; government and policy; the armed forces; and non-profit organisations.

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