This course is designed to expand students' knowledge and practice of forensic science alongside developing science management and leadership skills. The course contains compulsory core and elective practice-focused forensic science subjects across a range of disciplines from the crime scene to the laboratory. Professional subjects covering a range of skills crucial to all professional scientists – such as project and laboratory management, advanced scientific communication, ethics, innovation and science business models – complete the course. The final session of electives allows students to complement their existing skillset using tailored subjects from related disciplines across health, engineering and business, or to study a current problem in their discipline area by undertaking a research internship (subject to approval by the faculty). For students with suitable achievement levels, an opportunity to undertake a more substantial research project is available by transferring into the Master of Philosophy in Forensic Science (C04393). For those considering a research degree, the Master of Philosophy provides a pathway to a PhD.

The course aims to produce adaptable forensic scientists who are proficient with modern professional practice and technology, and have strong general professional skills such as scientific communication, critical analysis, and project management.

Depending on the area of specialisation, graduates may pursue employment with organisations such as the Australian Federal Police, state policing agencies, ASIO, CSIRO, ANSTO, customs, immigration, and private forensic agencies. Career options include criminalist, trace evidence specialist, forensic toxicologist, DNA specialist, scene-of-crime officer, team leader in investigations, fire investigator, and fingerprint analyst. Graduates may also proceed to a career in research by transferring into the Master of Philosophy in Forensic Science (C04393).

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