Students are exposed to the latest journalistic trends, discussion of the digital changes changing the industry and state-of-the-art technical training. In addition to in-seminar training, students work on publishable journalism. They have the opportunity to learn about and discuss emerging areas of journalistic practice with lecturers who have been at the forefront of change, and work with leading practitioners of investigative, sport and entrepreneurial journalism.

The aim of this course is to foster innovative thinking based on a critical understanding of the digital forces buffeting the news media industry. Graduates of the program: have strong and flexible research, reporting and production skills, and a critical understanding of contemporary media are innovative practitioners and agile thinkers who are able to develop new ideas and practices across journalism and media strive towards leadership positions that are grounded in ethical, professional and transparent practice possess the ability to work across platforms, channels and disciplines in digital and emerging environments have an understanding of the role of the media in local, regional, national and global contexts.

Career options include reporter, producer, presenter and editor across all types of private and public media, broadcast and publishing organisations including digital start-ups, the not-for-profit sector and non-media publishers.

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Последнее обновление: March 29, 2019
Форма обучения: Campus based
Дата начала
2 - 4 Года
Заочное и вечернее обучение
Полное имя
16,800 AUD
in AUD per 24cp session
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