Международный Университет Логистики и Транспорта в г.Вроцлав


The International University of Logistics and Transport in Wroclaw MWSLiT is one of the two oldest logistics Universities in Poland, founded in 2001. Since the beginning of its activity, the University has maintained high quality of education, continuously meeting European standards and staying in line with market demand.

The process of education at our University is conducted in five main areas: BSc and MSc Logistics, Engineering Logistics, Civil Engineering (Building) and Management. The BSc and MSc in Logistics is offered also entirely in English. Recently, there are 1200 students being educated at MWSLIT.

Success in the University's educational services is provided mainly through: well prepared and innovative education programs and teaching staff - outstanding experts in their fields, who constantly update their knowledge, conduct research and work in the field - in which they seek to engage students. Our University aims at educating future managers who are prepared to deal with modern logistics processes. We pursue that mission by educating our staff, improving teaching quality and implementing new forms of education. Therefore our graduates are ready to start their professional careers on the market of unified Europe.

University authorities put great emphasis on continued strengthening of the practical elements of teaching. The curriculum is created in collaboration or in consultation with leading companies in the world, so that they cover the issues particularly relevant to the needs of employers. Our students gain practical expertise through programs and internships that are developed jointly with industry entities and thus provide individual professional training.

The main objectives of the University are:

  1. Interdisciplinary education in economics, technology & engineering and law.
  2. Education in logistics methods and tools.
  3. Encouraging an active and creative teamwork.
  4. Preparing to work in the integrated Europe.

MWSLiT actively works as an organizer and co-organizer of national and international scientific and technical seminars and conferences. They are part of broader cooperation and constitute a center of knowledge transfer between science and business.


The international character of the University, diverse contacts with partners of logistics, transport and forwarding profile allow the University to perform the formula of ‘open education’ by organizing guest lectures of foreign and home specialists, as well as complementary lectures. They complement educating process and enable students to broaden their knowledge and confront their ideas of their future profession with reality. Since its inception MWSLiT, has closely cooperated with the French University ESIDEC of Metz- one of the oldest Universities of logistics in Europe. This cooperation resulted in joint curricula of logistics BSc and MSc Degree which was awarded the prize of French Prime Minister in 2003 for the best European educational project, among 92 projects from the whole world.

On August 26, 2011, we received one of the most important and prestigious awards in logistics- accreditation by The CILT (UK)-The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (UK). This membership in the ranks of elite European transport and logistics Universities gives its students a guarantee for broad career prospects in the logistics industry. In addition to close relation with France, the University also has many agreements with international partners from all over the world.

Образовательные программы предлагаются на следующих языках:
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ПОЛЬСКИЙ И АНГЛИЙСКИЙ ЯЗЫК ОБУЧЕНИЯMWSLiT – единственный негосударственный университет в Польше, предлагающий обучение по программе 2-й степени (Магистр) на специальности логистика.Оригинальная авторская программа обучения была высоко отмечена министерством, благодаря чему наш ВУЗ стал первым негосударственным университетом наделенным правом подготовки магистров логистики.Программа обучения также оптимизирована для выпускников других специальностей, создавая целостный, всеохватывающий курс расширяющий программу 1-й ступени. Выпускникам других специальностей дана возможность совершенствования знаний, бесплатно посещая лекции 1-й стпени (Бакалавр).... [-]


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